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Community Matters

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The ultimate benefit in supporting a non-profit organization is uplifting the mission the non-profit is delivering. Amateur Advocate Association has primarily served the greater South Cobb Area since 1983. In service our advocates have impacted the lives of youth and community through After-school program and Association Development. With the help of our partners and donors we have made quality after-school programming affordable and extend our services throughout Cobb, Douglas, & Fulton County.

AAA Program Participation 718
AAA Community Investment 718


The Amateur Advocate Association has over three decades of experience in empowering communities to take positive action and turn their community into health sustainable neighborhoods to Live, Work & Play. Over the last four years we have inspire citizens to volunteer over 132,000 hours, and delivered over21,000 programming hours to the prosperity of the communities we serve. This has made a measurable deference in the South Cobb area with property crime trending down by 2% and citizen lead branding and development activity increasing by 15%.

AAA Program Hours 718
Volunteer Hours 718


Our mission not only provides trans-formative After-School programs, but we also provide parents and civic organization with sustainable development plans and relationships to continue the initial programming investments. With any program or project there should always be a sustainability plan implemented in the beginning to insure that the solution is comprehensive and creates lasting benefits to the community. Creating multiple tired funding sources and training for community leader is the added advantage of the Amateur Advocate Association and its mission to make lasting investments in the community we serve. Consider becoming a Advocate Partner and let’s uplift youth and communities together.